lundi 15 septembre 2008

How to stop usury and legal robbers, the FED, one of the biggest manipulation in History...Now is the time to get united against this fraud costing mi

Dear Friends of truth in economy.

How to stop the FED, the biggest manipulation in History...

Now is the time to get united against this fraud costing millions of lives.

The 4th Annual 2008 AMI Monetary Reform Conference is shaping up as quite an event.

You can see the latest schedule at

byron dale photo Byron Dale

Yves of St. Michaels
Yves Jacques
Alain of St. Michaels
Alain Pilote

Subir Grewal on Ron Paul's movement
Subir Grewall

Byron Dale is well known as a monetary and political activist and researcher with many years of research, study and communication on the monetary system and its effect on people. For several years he has promoted Money Reform at the State Level in Minnesota and has had hearings there in both the Minnesota House and Senate. He will describe these proposals to the conference.

Yves Jacques and Alain Pilote of The Pilgrims of St. Michael, describe their Social Unity Coupons Compared to Other Local Exchange Systems, and how the pilgrims relate it to the Church's social doctrine. Yves is a senior member of the Louis Even Institute for Social Justice (Rougemont, Quebec) and a contributing writer for the Institutes "Michael" Journal. He and his family are very active in volunteer work for the Pilgrims of St. Michael, residing with his wife of 25 years and seven children in Massachusetts where he owns an advertising agency.
Alain Pilote is also a senior member of the Louis Even Institute and a Full Time Missionary for the Pilgrims of St. Michael for 30 years. He is editor for the "Michael" Journal; and international speaker on monetary reform; authoring 2 books on the Social Credit reform.

The Pilgrim's "Unity" Project, though quite counterintuitive can raise consciousness regarding methods of co-operative living. They hosted me (Stephen Zarlenga) in a well recieved talk I gave on "Usury - A Destroyer of Nations" to the international gathering of about 500 of their members in Montreal a few weeks ago.

Subir Grewal is a researcher of monetary history and policy and an activist for monetary reform beginning while he was an undergraduate economics student at New York University. His work background related to money and banking involves asset management, investment banking, corporate finance, and commodity trading of physical commodities and futures contracts. He was an active leader in the recent grassroots presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul, the only candidate who openly called for serious reform of the Federal Reserve System. Subir will report on the monetary viewpoint of the recent Ron Paul convention in Minneapolis, which he attended.

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