mardi 9 décembre 2008

An increasing dividend for all ? Products made by robots to be distributed to all individuals.

Dividend for all ?  Products from robots to be distributed to all individuals thanks to dividends.

BIEN - Basic Income Earth Network - NEWSFLASH 54, November 2008

The Basic Income Earth Network was founded in 1986 as the Basic Income European Network. It expanded its scope from Europe to the Earth in 2004. It serves as a link between individuals and groups committed to or interested in basic income, and fosters informed discussion on this topic throughout the world.

The present NewsFlash has been prepared with the help of Paul Nollen, Simon Birnbaum, David Casassas, Sandro Gobetti, Claudia & Dirk Haarmann, Sascha Liebermann, Ruben Lo Vuolo, Ingrid van Niekerk, Philippe Van Parijs, Karl Widerquist, and Thérèse Davio.

NewsFlash 54 (November 2008) is available in PDF version at

1. Editorial: Past Newsletters available online!

2. Events

Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Rome, Santiago de Compostela, New York, Edinburgh.

3. New issue of Basic Income Studies

4. Glimpses of national debates

* BELGIUM: Flemish green party supports basic income
* BRAZIL: Oil resources to eradicate poverty
* FRANCE: Large reform of the minimum income scheme
* GERMANY: Campaign in favour of basic income
* GERMANY: Emancipatory basic income
* ITALY: students vote for minimum income
* LYBIA: Kadafi to introduce a basic income? 
* NAMIBIA: Controversies around big pilot project
* UNITED STATES: Basic income debated in West Virginia
* UNITED STATES: Alaska basic income largest in its history
* UNITED STATES: New income security institute

5. Publications

Vereniging basisinkomen (2008), Nieuwbrief basisinkomen 51,..
WORSCHECH, Susann (2008), 'Soziale Sicherheit neu denken.'…
HARTZOCK, Alana (2008), The Earth Belongs to Everyone,…
WIDERQUIST, Karl (2008), 'The Physical Basis of Voluntary Trade',…
BRESSON, YOLAND (2008), Une clémente économie…

BIRNBAUM, Simon (2008), 'Arbete, frihet och den generella välfärdsstaten'…

6. New Links
7. About the Basic Income Earth Network
NewsFlash 54 (November 2008) is available in PDF version at
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