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Guernesey, Switzerland, same spirit,

Hi Per.

Although it is becoming tiresome to continue repeating it, these snippets
concerning Guernsey, written by outsiders who have little understanding of
the circumstances, make it necessary.

However, I WILL repeat it. What is being described is NOT, and WAS NOT an
experiment. Neither was it confined to the smaller island of Guernsey as a
part of the Channel Islands.

I hope I do not offend you Per, but as a Scandinavian I believe you will
understand that there is shared social history behind all this.

The Channel islands are the last remaining part of the Duchy of Normandy,
the islands that were not later lost by the English to the Franks. This
Duchy was populated by Norsemen, Vikings, coming from Scandinavia in about
900 A.D.

The laws and customs of the islands are still essentially Feudal.

I am myself a Jersey man, from the larger of the group of islands.
Although I now do not read or speak the language that most of the records
prior to about 1800 are written.

The States, the islands Parliament, each island having its own independent
legislature, is in turn independent of the Westminster Parliament. The
head of State is Elisabeth Windsor, Queen of england, but her oldest
possession is the channel islands, as the Duchess of Normandy.

Financial arrangements have always had the States creating what was
necessary, though it is true to say that private bankers have always tried
to subvert the arrangements.

The earliest record that I have found of an infrastructure project is the
construction of the St.Helier inner harbour in 1720. This was described as
being funded "After the manner of our forefathers".

There are many many occasions upon which funding is described like this,
with parishes, and even individuals issuing "Money". The means of recall
being either rents, imposts, or the very low level of taxation.

It was this right to create their own money supply that brought the
islands into conflict with the 1950 Treaty of Rome. The islands refused,
and we now have the anomaly of a part of the UK not being part of the
European Union.

But the pressure from "Orthodox finance" continues, and I think in part
explains the bureaucrats  reluctance to tell what they know. That and the
well known stubbornness of Normans ;-(((


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